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Birds Are Better’s The Loop
Birds Are Better’s The Loop
Birds Are Better - The Loop

Birds Are Better’s The Loop Genuinely Makes You Wish to Enjoy Its Beautiful Experience in a Loop

If you are looking for a song with soothing music and storytelling elements, the latest single by Birds Are Better, The Loop, is where your search ends. Hailing from Oslo, Norway, Stian Fjelldal is a prolific singer-songwriter, and Birds Are Better is his brainchild. This project focuses on taking a different approach towards folk music by infusing musical elements comprising a range of genres such as traditional folk, indie pop, synth rock, and power pop elements, thereby attaining a completely fresh, new soundscape through the songs.

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The Loop, Birds Are Better’s latest single, will instantly make the listeners find a similarity of vibes as the music of Simon and Garfunkel, Fleet Foxes, A-ha, and several similar types of influences. The song starts directly with the vocals over a soul-pleasing backing of finger-picked acoustic guitar rhythm, and the lyrics are so sweet that they will instantly bring a smile to the listeners’ faces. However, backing up the vocals and the foundation acoustic guitar melody are the sonic colors that the synth lines add to the song, and they give this track an out-and-out, spacey, ambient vibe over which the whole concept stands tall and firm. Besides the beauty of the overall composition, Stian’s voice is so mesmerizing that you will certainly lose yourself in a world where music and soul dance in perfect harmony.

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