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Empty Machines’ Luna
Empty Machines’ Luna
Empty Machines - Luna

Experimental Scottish Duo Empty Machines’ Latest Single, Luna, Will Surely Put the Listeners on a Trip Filled With Deep Thoughts

Get ready to lose yourself in a world of thoughts that take birth through the intricacies of sonic wilderness as you tune in to the latest single by Empty Machines, Luna. If you are curious, let us first get to know something about the band.

Hailing from the beautiful city of Glasgow, Scotland, Thomas Crawford’s initial idea was to make a solo instrumental outfit working from his home studio until Jodie Helena joined him as the main vocalist, and these two musically brilliant minds came together to build this musical project they call as Empty Machines.

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This duo comprising of two musically talented minds, compose music, write lyrics, and record their creations right in the comfort of a home studio in a do-it-yourself method. However, it might seem like a lot of extra work to take care of everything by yourself, but this duo showcases the ultimate use of this method of work through their music as due to working entirely on their own, they have complete control over their overall sound, mix and other intricate elements that make a song sound like it should.

A track that pushes you into a world of thoughts and makes you enjoy being in that state!

Luna, Empty Machines’ latest single, is the perfect song for the listeners to inject a sense of expectation they can have from this duo, and what it seems from this single, the duo is going to attract a lot of keen music listeners very soon. Besides the electronic, ambient, and atmospheric musical elements and minimalistic yet fitting-in live triggers, the voice of Jodie keeps on adding beauty to the track right from the moment she starts singing.

Lyrically, as mentioned previously, the song is definitely going to put you into deep thought and it becomes more intense due to the mysterious, dark sonic background that works as the perfect canvas for the beautiful sketch which is the overall composition of the track.

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So if you are all set to have a wonderful experience with Empty Machines’ latest single, Luna, don’t wait any longer. Listen to this amazing track here:

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