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Apewards-Last Dance
Apewards-Last Dance
Apewards-Last Dance

Apewards revive stoner rock with their latest single, “Last Dance”

Apewards are a single word rebuttal to people who whine about stoner rock dying. Yes, we had the Kyuss years and QOTSA, now we have Uncle Acid and King Gizzard. A lot has changed in the world, but fans of stoner rock unite. Stoner legends The Sword retired recently. Maybe this song becomes your next favourite, I know it is mine. This is called Last Dance.

Taste the grime

With a term so tied to the Chicago Bulls and Jordan, Last Dance was a title that brought some expectation. Luckily, I never check the genre of the song before pressing play. As my skull meat was pummelled into that opening riff, I knew I was going to be all smiles for this song. Some of the best vocals in all indie rock I’ve heard feature in this song, making this song a full meal by all measures. The odd time riff creates for some creative groove exploration. The variations in riffs itself keeps this library open to visit and revisit how many ever times. Melodic expression is through the roof, and when we enter the intro, it’s over. I popped my headphones off, headbanging to Apewards, and you did too. I just choose to admit it. 

I’d give a lot to watch this band perform live, for I know that energy would be priceless. It is a dive into some prime, gourmet level stuff, as seen with their other songs. Sweet Lorraine, Shady Heart and Isolated Ground are a hotbed for riff experiences. Make sure you follow them for more kick-ass stoner rock. Now, go and involuntarily headbang to the indie stoner overlords.

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