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Amy Correa Bell - Anyways
Amy Correa Bell - Anyways

Amy Correa Bell – Anyways | Scintillating

Amy Correa Bell is an Urban Pop artist based in Southern California, USA. Her infectious grooves and catchy tunes are sure to get you dancing along. With an extremely dynamic style, she certainly knows how to move her audiences. Her music is peppy, upbeat and extremely fun to listen to. Moreover, you can just about do anything while listening to it. Inspired by various genres from New Wave to R&B to Pop and even 80s and 90s trends, she creates a unique blend to craft her own, personal sound.

Her latest single, Anyways, is the perfect example of this! This track features some beautifully laden synths and deep bass, accompanied by her scintillating vocals. Amy Correa Bell is enigmatic, and provocative and creates deep, groovy music that’s extremely vibey. With such dynamism, you’d be amiss to negate how brilliant she is at navigating this. The lyrics are masterfully written, with truth and honesty. The emotions that Amy Correa Bell channels into the song really grip you. While you immerse yourself in the track, you can just get lost in her vocals with beautiful melody and countermelodies.

Amy Correa Bell has got the gift that keeps on giving with music that keeps getting better. Her discography is simply sublime and she’s got the sauce to prove it. Don’t just take my word for it, go ahead and give it a listen.

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