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Waterfall – The Daytime High | Nighttime Drives

The mantra to a good melancholic rock number, in my opinion, is diverse by nature. There are so many things that one could do while sounding this way, yet while sounding so diverse. Think “Waterfall”, by The Daytime High– a beautiful number that made its mark on my ears the moment I listened to it. Keep reading for my review!

The song starts off with a catchy, powerful riff on the electric guitar– the song has its mildly ferocious energy right from the get-go– no fannying about, just straight down to business, as the screaming guitars are accompanied by a lead part on what sounds like one of those small Stylophones one would carry around, all setting the stage till the vocals take over; and take over they do. With a grunge-punk-alternative sound, the delivery has just the right sauce in it to make it sound like the track it is, perfectly complimenting the energy of the instruments in the background, while the drums gently (but beautifully) assault your ears with a thrashy, uptempo beat that gives this track a whole feel of deliberated recklessness, if I may so say.

Sound it does great, I will say– with the element of energy building up and down like the excitement one feels while they would go down long, twisty straights into the twilight in a fast coupe– the dynamics in this track are something that my ears immediately loved, so much so that I found myself singing– heck, harmonising to some of the layers that stand proud from the background of the vocals.

The song’s finale-of-sorts witnesses more use of the guitar in its lead avatar, with a brief– yet tasteful and memorable– solo that stayed stuck in my mind, as it circles back to the roots of this song after exploring the bounds of its fit into this song.

With “Waterfall”, what I take away is a track I know I will genuinely enjoy thrashing out to, with this subtle drizzle of melancholic mastery I have grown to be so fond of. Check out “Waterfall” by The Daytime High here!

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