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Far To Fall – Ethan Stauffer | Wah-nderful!

When it comes to making terrible puns, I am guilty as charged– from my weird connections from nowhere to nowhere to my oh-so-hard pretence, well, it is just my way of talking about the music I love. When I listened to “Far To Fall” by Ethan Stauffer for the first time, well, I could not have found a better excuse to make that pun. Keep reading for my review of this track!

As I may have subtly alluded to just earlier, there is a whole lot of wah in this song– complimented by the evergreen sound of classic rock fresh out of a 1970s record. The kind of music that makes heads sway, fingers drum up a guitar out of thin air, and imaginary hair swaying from side to side while you headbang to the two pods jammed in your ears. There is so much about this song that screams classy, convertible car music, that I may as well spend the rest of my review going gaga over it–

However, I will take the time to talk about the composition. Having heaped praise on this song right from the go, I will comment that the flow of the song is quite something in itself, with the tastefully done deliberate breaks in energy to accentuate the vocals– richly layered, to make up a round, whole sound only befitting of a genre as great as rock-and-roll. The humdrum settles into an easygoing, yet energetic flow, accompanied by lead guitar harmonies, that resolve into the melodic roots of the song, completing the circle.

The solo bellows bold and proud, showing off the skills of the guitarist effortlessly, still blending into the whole theme of the song without sticking out like a sore thumb, and that is impressive to me, especially in a genre like this where it seems so easy to get it wrong, for the solo to keep within the atmosphere constructed by the song.

“Far To Fall” by Ethan Stauffer refreshed my memories about why I love classic rock so much in the first place. This track is a great listen, and gets two thumbs up from me– check out the song here!

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