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Hover Bird’s Place I Want To Be
Hover Bird’s Place I Want To Be
Hover Bird - Place I Want To Be

Moscow-Based Hover Bird’s Place I Want to Be Is Just Too Unique and Beautiful as a Debut EP

Brace yourself because you are about to experience a wild ride through the sonic wilderness where the latest debut EP of Hover Bird, Place I Want To Be, takes you. An art rock band from the beautiful capital city of Moscow, Russia, Hover Bird is a band consisting of five members where there are two female singers who grace the soundscape with their soul-pleasing voices as well as add textures to the compositions with their prolific keyboard playing. The other three members include a guitar player who also contributes to the musical arrangements, a drummer, and a bass player who together hold the rhythm section with sheer brilliance and make the tracks stand tall upon the strong foundation.

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Place I Want To Be, Hover Bird’s debut EP comprises a set of five beautiful tracks and runs for a duration of fifteen minutes and forty-four seconds. Even though the foundation genre of the album is rock but as mentioned, there is an amalgamation of musical genres which the listeners will experience throughout the album because every song has a different vibe, a specific mood of its own, and the music accordingly complements the overall setting of each of the songs.

A captivating set of songs involving a broad range of genres as influences for the compositions!

This EP undoubtedly brings out the brilliant artistry of every individual in the band as together, these five musicians make the idea of genre blending a seamless affair in their songs, and that just goes on to prove their diligence and dedication to explore the various moods of the music and portray the same through their art.

The vocals are as ethereal, to say the least, along with the beautiful synth lines here and there to add the necessary colours to the compositions. Besides the vocals and the keys in the music, the rhythm section deserves special mention because they showcase the real essence of locked-in playing between the drummer and the bass player. Finally, coming to the guitar player, we can say that the guitars stand out the most in the foreground of the tracks with the catchy riffs, funky rhythms, bluesy licks, and solos.

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Overall, the latest debut EP by Hover Bird, Place I Want To Be is worth checking out and you will surely Fallin love with it in an instant. You can listen to this EP here:

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