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IWLD - I'm Trying
IWLD - I'm Trying

IWLD – I’m Trying | Shimmering

IWLD is a solo project, based in the United Kingdom that explores the laidback ambient sounds of Indie and Post Rock. While also sprinkling in a little bit of Pop, he has cited various influences from Mogwai to Phoebe Bridgers and Taylor Swift. IWLD has just released his debut single and it is all-encompassing of his influences. Additionally, he is open to collaborating with other artists, specifically vocalists.

I’m Trying expresses deep ambience, featuring heavy Post Rock elements. While it is just two minutes long, it is the sort of track that immerses you in it. As a huge fan of Post Rock, I must commend him for his Impressionistic tones and melodies. The light strokes really add to the atmosphere of the song. The thing I like most about Post Rock is how blurred the boundaries are between elements. The distortion that encompasses everything in it is such a source of comfort. You may find yourself feeling lost in the sound, the more you listen to I’m Trying. While the song features, mainly, Post Rock elements it also features shoegaze, cinematic ambient tones.

While not many can boast such a good debut track, IWLD has definitely got what it takes to take this further. I’m sure there is more great music to come, especially if he can find his vocalists! You may want to consider keeping a lookout for more of his music.

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