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Linda | Little Prince | Power | Rock
Linda | Little Prince | Power | Rock

Linda – Little Prince | Storyteller

Very few musicians have the ability to take the listener on a journey through their music. The select few who have this ability stand out in the music industry. Music is one of the most effective means of mass communication and even has the ability to create propaganda. Today, music plays an important influence in peoples life choices and even every day decisions. With great power comes greater responsibility. That is the duty of a musician storyteller, a ‘bard of modern times’.

Linda is a singer songwriter who makes music that encompasses many of today’s genres. Linda has learnt to combine her passions – flying and music. Once combined, she has been creating some interesting music that she claims to enjoy during her flights. That is what they calling “knocking two birds with one stone”.

Linda’s music finds a place under one of the broadest genre – rock. Her latest single, ‘Little Prince’ is a tight release. It has a more gritty and powerful style in comparison to her usual music. A lot of distortion and some noisy guitars make up the crux of this latest banger by Linda.

The track creates a moat of noise and distortion around you, while the main parts of the track are mellow and vivid. Its like Linda wants you to stay within the boundaries of her vocals, as she guides you along with her soothing storytelling. All along, the guitars spewing fires and crackling all around, acting like blinkers for the listeners. A very entertaining contrast that gives identity and uniqueness to this track. It shows us the power Linda has over her meek listeners.

‘Little Prince’ is a very well arranged and produced single that should get Linda a lot of praise on the international stage.

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