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Kate Gala | Pray for Me | Effervescent Pop
Kate Gala | Pray for Me | Effervescent Pop

Kate Gala – Life Flies By(Pray For Me)Remix | Effervescent pop

There is a quite compelling simplicity in Kate Gala’s new single. “Life Flies” is a straightforward, economical self-esteem anthem. The song wastes no time in getting to the point and gives razor-sharp focus to its message. As a result, it is a perfect pop record, being catchy, highly melodic and designed to make every listener feel good. Effervescent pop singles rarely get better than this.

Kate Gala is a fairly new singer/songwriter that was born and raised in the Virginia beach area. She taught herself to play the guitar and has been into music from a very young age. Her influences range from Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson to Taylor Swift. I can see Taylor Swift has been a big influence on her music, especially her songwriting style. Her musical style is comparable to Selena Gomez, Julia Michaels, or Emily Warren, and consists of heartfelt lyrics to remind listeners no one is alone.

“Life Flies” may certainly lack the eloquence of a brilliant prose writer, but it does generate its own point. Dance-oriented production adds an oomph to the beat that will make the song sound powerful in clubs. The lack of much adornment to Kate Gala’s voice here adds to the simple message of the glow within every individual person. Its a very effervescent and dancy single that borders on the EDM pop genre.

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