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John Long - Only Limit Is You
John Long - Only Limit Is You

John Long – Only Limit Is You | Uplifting

Despite a relatively nascent discography, the music of John Long already posits the ability to transcend time and cultures, and strike chords within people that switch their perspectives towards the world and towards themselves.

The singer-songwriter updates his discography with the release of his latest track Only Limit Is You, following some of his previous tracks such as Beautiful to Me, I Say Yes and a live rendition of Joy (Burst On Out). Thoroughly indie pop with hints of electronic pop, folk pop and electronic dance music, Only Limit Is You brings a certain level of humanity to music that remains hitherto undeveloped in most other uplifting tracks.

\At its most characteristic element, the track is a celebration of the self and its limitless capabilities to achieve one’s most seemingly unreachable goals. Long manages to tie all these emotions together in ridiculously groovy and catchy American Authors-like bridges and choruses, making the track an essential addition to playlists dedicated to outdoor frolic. With tracks such as these, the singer-songwriter appears entirely en route to charting out a collection of tracks for his discography that will emerge as one of the prominent voices of the genre in the new year. 

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