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Lil Zib - Beautiful
Lil Zib - Beautiful

Lil Zib – Beautiful | Flirtatious

Hip-hop artist and music producer Lil Zib has crafted a discography that offers it all — be it the mellow vibe of a rhythm and bluesy number, a soulful tearjerker or even a trap-beated hype track.

Lil Zib returns now to this discography with the release of one of his latest releases — BEAUTIFUL. One of his 2021 singles alongside other tracks such as FIVE, Snack and VARIETY SHOW, BEAUTIFUL is a thoroughly groovy trap hip-hop track with lyrical rap elements. The three minute number makes sure to allude to some of the genre’s most well-respected and popularly acclaimed elements, mixing it now with his own accentuated styles, matter-of-fact vocal performances and well laid-out arrangements. At a more characteristic level, the track is perhaps best backboned by the impeccable drum and bass which is sure to get people shaking a leg.

BEAUTIFUL opens up with a Spanish-sounding electronica riff, quickly followed through with 808-inspired trap hip-hop beats. Lil Zib appears at one of his most laid-back yet direct lyrical performances in laying out a couple of rather flirtatious verses on romance. Lil Zib offers a rather unique conglomeration of both early-era Kanye West coupled with the good kid mAAd city era Kendrick Lamar.

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