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The DePatie Melt-Paladins' Song
The DePatie Melt-Paladins' Song
The DePatie Melt-Paladins' Song

The DePatie Melt-Paladins’ Song | It’s blues flu

John DePatie is old school. He’s old school cool, old school talented and has done things worth a 3 volume autobiography. Yet we like to hear his songs tell stories. His project is called The DePatie Melt. The 3 people who read my reviews might know his song I reviewed earlier this year. The Viking Princess and The Troll King. Now is this awesome rock number, Paladins’ Song.

I bet John DePatie is so cool, his very skin is a leather jacket. That riff that the song opens with, just got me nodding my head, reminding me of all the classic rock tracks I love. Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake and 80s rock generally, opened big. Paladins’ Song has that kind of energetic, pulsating, throbbing soul to it that transports you to a concert hall. That guitar tone needs its own record label and behaves as a separate entity. This instrumental track can be perceived as a solo, the phrasing and performance is as clear and nuanced as any talented axe-wielder.

Deriving his great tracks from a wide range of influences, his tone and approach is now recognizable. It’s the same tone that maintains character and composure whether bar or stadium. Sounds good everywhere. This track stands by its chorus and ode to the instrumentalists The DePatie Melt as a project admires. I on the other hand, would want to schedule appointments with him and his guitar.

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