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jaxsen – THE PLAY
jaxsen – THE PLAY

jaxsen – THE PLAY | Cathartic Conclusion

Louisville, Kentucky artist jaxsen has come up with a stunning EP THE PLAY. His latest EP THE PLAY is a concept record with a narrative of a relationship as it begins to its end and beyond. A story at the core. This is a cathartic work and an outlet for emotion held inside. THE PLAY contains five tracks and runs for around thirteen minutes with each track being about two to three minutes.

The album starts with the track you gave me light. This is a song about looking up to a love that is unrequited with reverence and unhealthy feelings that come in such territory. This is a light track with respect to the arrangement. With a slow beat and mild chords and piano lines and sustained synths. The song concludes with a repeating hum of “And there you go“. The song’s main message is that you should be grateful to someone for loving you even though you didn’t think you deserved it. The idea of trying to return part of the love is presented around the song’s conclusion. The second song impose catches some faster beats with respect to the rhythm. This song deals with as the title says, apologizing for imposing oneself on a lover as the way personal spaces are managed is in dilemma. We get to hear some subtle vocal harmonies by jaxsen in this song.

What follows is the third song of the EP, shackles. This is the midway of the narrative. At this point, the relationship feels like it’s bounding you with its limitations and barriers. Fourth song is i gave you my heart which is when the end of the relationship is at its penultimate. To give ones self to another person is but a dead end finally. One nears the end of the limits of human relationships and their intimacies. The song ends with some interesting synth melodic lines. The EP concludes with the song i’d rather be alone. As the relationship is over one must come to terms with behind in solitude. One has to accept and has accepted the relationship and its doomed end. A heartfelt and sad conclusion to the tale but also with light at the end of the tunnel.

This is a tale much too common and relative to almost anyone who has fallen in and out of love. The vocals on the record convey the sense of sadness and emotional upheaval one goes through in such a situation. These songs detail personal experiences with affection, betrayal, and pain. The EP covers the relationship’s high points of love and low points of desertion. This is a deeply personal and emotional journey. A relationship with all its strains. Something with all its initial appearance of beauty turns into a former shell of itself. Empty barren and full of pain. Anyone listening to this record knows that these experiences are not be felt alone. With this work jaxsen has created a sentimenatl and genuine work of music.

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