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Tyler Brooker - Knuclebuster
Tyler Brooker - Knuclebuster

Tyler Brooker – Knuclebuster | Synth Showers

UK-based Tyler Brooker crafts meteoric EDM, house, and electronic music that wields high-energy beats and incendiary synths. Since the release of his EP, Absolute, in May 2019, the artist has made more than 150 original tracks and remixes. He also charted on the Official Ukrainian Charts with his remix Bayraktar with Lisa Schettner, the proceeds from which goes towards aiding victims of Ukraine. Knuclebuster is Tyler Brooker‘s latest single loaded with combustive synths and roaring energy levels.

Mirthful synth showers and high-energy syncopated beats kick off the track. The dreamy texture of the falsetto vocals glides over bobbing melody grooves. Employing explosive beats and vibrant synth mixes, the artist propels the track sky high, through clouds of euphoria, to constellations of ecstasy.

The artist mixes up the song with multiple synth structures and beat constructions. Feel-good synths deliriously dance across the sonic scape to addictive and iconic beat grooves. The track’s exalting synth rhapsodies liberate and enthrall the listener. Loosening inhibitions and compelling movement, the track busts you out of thoughts that imprison you and pumps you up instantly.

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Tyler Brooker – Knuclebuster

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