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Galaxy Shores is back with another psychedelic treat ‘Melancholy Daydream’
Galaxy Shores is back with another psychedelic treat ‘Melancholy Daydream’

Galaxy Shores is back with another psychedelic treat ‘Melancholy Daydream’

Josh Herren is an ardent artist who strives to create the most authentic and worthwhile psychedelic, instrumental, rich music out there, that not only stands out but hits the right cord with its listeners and stirs something in them. And that, he manages to achieve with almost all of his releases. His musical endeavour Galaxy Shores is just the perfect stir in the crowded world of music. 

This time his release ‘Melancholy Daydream’ is even more special because of its brilliance and greatness. The song is ultra-rich, infused with a gazillion soundscapes of various kinds, but nowhere does it become noisy or unpleasant. A dozen motifs and intricate layers are woven together in such an awesome manner that you will be astounded on hearing them. It is important to give credit to Herren’s amazing mixing skills that the sounds do the job that they are supposed to do. The risky thing with the psychedelic genre is that the songs sometimes tend to become noisy and the sounds can be overcrowded, if not dealt with properly in the production. 

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But thankfully, in ‘Melancholy Daydream’, there’s so much perfection in mixing and mastering that even those who are newbies to the psychedelic genre, will be able to get so much of the song. The rhythms form a poignant pattern and the tunes just stir something in you that makes you feel so moved by this perfection. I would suggest you listen to this amazing piece by Galaxy Shores if you want to have an enriching, soul-stirring, elevatory experience!

Listen to the song right here: 

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