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The Vanities' "Private Army
The Vanities' "Private Army

The Vanities’ “Private Army”: A moving anthemic soft rock ballad on war and humanity

The Vanities are set to release a new single titled “Private Army” on March 31 which is a heartfelt soft rock ballad. The Cardiff, Wales based electro-rock duo comprises lead vocalist and guitarist Rhys Bradley and bassist/keyboardist/backing vocalist Adam Hill, who have been relatively quiet over the past decade. Following their resurgence in 2021, the upcoming track is to look forward to. With “Private Army,” they are making a statement that they are once again ready to capture the hearts of music lovers with their soulful and thought-provoking music.

The song is an anthemic soft rock ballad and features a stunningly emotional and powerful vocal performance by Bradley. The song is rooted in a piano accompaniment which gradually builds and gets grander as other arrangement elements come in, eventually featuring a beautiful string section. This is a noticeable transition from their earlier 80s sound to a more easy-listening adult contemporary 90s pop sound, with a grand orchestral interpretation.

The theme of “Private Army” are likely to tug at the heartstrings, as the song is a melancholic mind etching cry on the madness of humanity and war in Europe. The Vanities with their emotive delivery and the song’s evocative composition make this a memorable and moving track.

With its anthemic soft rock ballad style, stunning emotional and powerful vocal performance, and orchestral interpretation, The Vanities with Private Army is a memorable song. The melancholic lyrics of the song, which lament the madness of war and the destructive nature of humanity, further add to the impact of the track. Followers and fans of the band will definitely not want to miss out on this much-awaited release.

Bandcamp Link – https://thevanities.bandcamp.com/album/private-army

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