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Sahana Naresh-Shore Out of Reach
Sahana Naresh-Shore Out of Reach
Sahana Naresh-Shore Out of Reach

Sahana Naresh-Shore Out Of Reach | Introspect

There has been a lot, & I emphasize on lot of albums in the past 2 years. It is also safe to assume that artists would have created music about what they experienced. Isolation with the right pressure, can yield absolute gems. Sahana Naresh & her album Shore Out of Reach test the waters.

Her tracks convey a spectrum of feelings and stories, in the duration of the quarantine. I would say the songs transcend this phase, but one song has the word quarantine in the title. Safe to assume that the effect affected all.

Her songs travel through the spectrum of feelings, joy during introspection, sorrow, bewilderment, and anything else you would have felt going through this gargantuan change. Choosing a ukulele and some synths & bass for the brawl with solitude, Sahana sings about the things you knew you didn’t know about, and the eventual revelation.

The album starts with Milky Hands, ambient sounds & the strum of the ukulele giving it an overall classic indie vibe. As she sings with her mellow voice that matches Adele’s timbre, the song draws in more effects to add some serious gravity to the song. A subtle and gentle opener.

The Only Constant Is Change is a term we’re way too familiar with now. Instead of making it a somber weep-fest, Sahana makes it about the real changes that life is about. A well baked chorus greets you, sweet harmonics the highlight. Not overworked on, & enough joy to make Fools Garden jealous.

Channeling in Norah Jones for the next track, Sahana opens with a Hindustani aalap for effect. Gremlins crafts a indie song with Indian etchings that show it as a well rendered song in macro, beautifully flowing through styles that display in entirety, music has no language. One of my favorites on the album.

Lou Reed’s classic hit, Walk on The Wild Side was a superb track that was used to sample many other hits and misses decades after. The bassline for Shore Out of Reach might be inspired, but the sentiment is different. The song is a lament for what is lost, even though it is just barely out of reach. Like the waves of the beach, the verses hit us but just like each wave, a little different. Ingenious twist to put to a title that might be misleading.

To me, an album that closes with comedic intent is top notch composition. Instead of preaching what changes we need to make, or what changes a person has experienced- Sahana takes a slightly different route.

With a monologue by arguably the most competent politician WhatsApp has, Manjunath gives you advice, because it isn’t Sahana’s place to do so. Corona wireless still rages on in this country, and a song won’t fix it. Quarantining will, and that’s the moment Sahana tries to capture.

Her tracks carry a lightness that is necessary during these times. By putting a spin on the titles and taking the listener down a different journey, Sahana Naresh’s Shore Out of Reach does its job. If its job was to make you forget about your misery.

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