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Cooper Chasse-You & Me (Single Version)
Cooper Chasse-You & Me (Single Version)
Cooper Chasse-You & Me (Single Version)

Cooper Chasse weaves a story with his beautiful new single, “You & Me (Single Version)”

Cooper Chasse is a close up magician who mastered the sorcery by himself. That is where he is able to whip out new tricks from, maybe. His sound is that of a travelling, learning songwriter who pours his experiences out into his music. The tunes are familiar, warm, and what you want to hear on a day you feel bummed. That frown will turn upside down. This is his latest single, You & Me (Single Version).

Simple strums and cinematic strings sweep you away into a pocket of affable symphony. You might think your soundtrack is playing, with the way Cooper Chasse composes the verses. With the beautiful intro, you see the layers introducing the symphonic scenery to you. His soft voice is a serenade that is a whisper of poetry. He talks about desire, want and the springtime of love.

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He treats it like a climate, valuing every second with this person. As sweet as it is as a song, it walks away from predictable clichés to creating genuine memories. The slow moving track actually gives you a moment to actually appreciate the words, especially when the instrumentals come and the vocals fade away. It is the mark of a brilliant songwriter-with a stellar catalogue. 

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Cooper Chasse can be heard with his amazing album, The Ghost of Trouble. This is a musician who will push storytelling into the stratosphere with his beautiful music. You can follow him for more like this and listen to his brilliant single here with us!:

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