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a_shes – Party Politics | Distinctive

a_shes is a one-man band that passionately creates nostalgic synthpop anthems with the sole purpose of speaking to young adults experiencing transitional life stages. While growing up, a_shes has been directly affected by this epidemic. This has led to a drive to create music that encapsulates everything from the chaotic (yet frequently exciting) nature to share his experience while building upon the feelings of nostalgia as we approach adulthood and make it our own. He uses an old MacBook and GarageBand to create his music.

Party politics is his new single. The song ‘Party Politics’ by a-shes is a great new single that’s sure to get you up and dancing. The musical arrangement is unique, and the soundscape makes you feel like you’re driving amidst tall green trees on a monsoon day. His voice is smooth and addictive, and his tone is upbeat throughout the song. The excitement and tension of partying as a young adult attempting to find their place in the world are well captured in ‘Party Politics.’ The piece starts with a simple theme, but it quickly becomes more complex yet unique, with musical layers as you listen to it. All the elements are there: guitars, drums, and bass. The combination makes for something extraordinary that really stands out from other songs you might hear at parties.

This single by a_shes is refreshingly different from any other pop song right now. The tempo is fast, but the tone is gentle and tranquil. I am sure this song will get you moving! Definitely, a must-add to your weekend playlist!

Enjoy listening to Party Politics here.

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