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The Preacher's Club-Memorabilia
The Preacher's Club-Memorabilia
The Preacher's Club-Memorabilia

The Preacher’s Club-Memorabilia | Peeping through a portal

The Preacher’s Club consistently bring you the best of pop-rock. This demure duo have been releasing songs since 2021, though their dreams started way before then. This is their latest EP, Memorabilia. Packed with beautiful songs and strong, commanding vibes to change your state of mind-they do it with relative ease. Let’s see what this collection has for us.

Pretty Bad is the opening number, and it is a pop-rock groove with a whole lot of soul. With arpeggiated guitar taking over like Johnny Marr’s magical hands from The Smiths, this group doesn’t hesitate. They let the instrumentals really settle before the vocals enter. Simple and poetic, the melody reigns king as the chorus drops in with power. The beat sustains very well as an offset of the melody.

Night Vision is the next track, and though the arpeggiating is a core vibe, its a whole new approach. There is a robotic sustenance to the vocals, yet it is dominated by the human touch. The bass with slight distortion keeps the tempo up, as the rhythm section creates a solid bungee for these dynamic, alternating vocals. The next is 2nd Wind, a New Wave dominated track. From Depeche Mode to Joy Division, they can reign in any one with this sound. More than ever, the bass and drums do their waltz, as emotional baritone carves its way into the song. The dynamic nature of the beats make sure to shake it up.

Timekeeping closes this EP off as the last track. It is a much more mellow track with flange on the guitar and a simple beat. The tone has been so well curated, the vocals are barely noticeable. They linger in the background, yet the unusual effect on the voice bring it to the forefront ever so often. Crunch on the guitar makes the disco style track a fusion number by the time we get to the chorus. It concretizes their choice in keeping the approach with notes and tones surprising and new. You hear The Preacher’s Club and you know its them. As an EP and production. The attempt to keep each song fresh and yet unified by the style is fun.

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