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Emeka – Shoot Your Shot | Intricate

Emeka, a songwriter, composer, and singer, recently released a new song called “Shoot Your Shot“. In the song, Emeka is very real to himself. He has a really relatable way of expressing his sentiments and emotions. His self-reflective writing is incredibly emotive and vivid, and it would definitely interest the audience. As we listen to such lovely layers, the writing has depth as well, which adds to the joy of discovering the music for the first time. The performance also has a lot of tiny nuances that sound fascinating. Furthermore, the numerous layers of vocals are a fascinating concept for a superb sonic portrayal of the song’s peripheral. The writing is the highlight for me, and it is very effectively conveyed in the performance.

The words would make us think deeply. The experiences given or the observations that led him to have a particular point of view are very engaging for the song to become relevant to the audience. In terms of the production, the additional vocal chop feels really attractive. The beat also adds a subtle bounce to the music, encouraging the listener to move along. The mood is also quite inviting, and the overall soundscapes are enjoyable with no areas where I felt disrupted. The music progresses smoothly and naturally as it near the finish, which enhances the whole experience. I’m hoping that the writing and the several layers will intrigue listeners enough to engage them.

We also have an interview with Emeka, in which he talks about the song’s origins as well as his own experience with it.

1. The atmosphere is appealing. Tell me how you came up with the idea for this sonic rush.

Deep music; layered music; intricate music, is the style of music I like to create. I love to pack my songs with such uniqueness, and I knew for this special song I had to compose it with an appropriate level of effort – consistent with the effort I’m willing to put in this ideal relationship. I built the atmosphere up bit by bit, my writing process is to write a rough version of the song, and then freestyle ad-libs, textures, etc. whilst listening back to my first recording. 

Love, the challenges of love in this ever-shifting world, and my visions of the love I’m looking to create with someone, became the core of the song as I began to ponder over those ideals back in June 2021. I’m fascinated by the prospect of a long-lasting, healthy love and after a rough first recording I then lent more and more into that vibe until I got the song exactly where I needed it to be.

2. The writing is really free-flowing and engaging. I’d like you to elaborate on the song. What was the source or moment when the idea first came to you?

June 2021 I was about 6 months removed from a relationship that had first started in June 2020. Self-reflection is extremely important for me in terms of being a growth tool that I use to better myself, I found myself reflecting on lessons learnt from that relationship and idealising over the type of relationship I want in the future. I’m currently 22 and so have found my dating pool to be somewhat of a challenge from the perspective of 18-24 being a transitional period in which most people of this age are discovering themselves and who they want to be. I know who I am and the future I want to create for myself but I am yet to find a partner in this age range that shares that. Shoot Your Shot was created as a resignation to a decision that I’ll likely need to wait a few years before I find a partner who has a similar focus, and I then began to unpack what the love I’d like to share with that person when I find someone who is ready for that love. As for my writing style, that’s just the outpouring of my personality, I see myself as a pretty chill person, a deep thinker, and someone who likes to share useful information that I’ve learnt with others; I feel that those traits naturally come across in this song.

3. The elements of production are tempting. What was the studio process like?

Long. I spent a lot of time refining this song and fine-tuning it. A lot of time was spent with my mix engineer as well, to really cultivate the environment we managed to create; but it was worth it. I really enjoyed making this song, which actually was initially recorded on another beat until I completely re-worked it and settled on this beat provided to me by a friend of mine.

Good things take time, both in love and in music; the 6 months it took to create this song required a great deal of focus and discipline: I had a relationship with this release in the sense that I was required to nurture this piece, and provide a great deal of care.

4. Is there anything in particular about the record that you’d want to add emphasis to?

We live in a world where masculinity and femininity are changing from what we’ve known those things to be, it’s an exciting but also potentially dangerous time for a lot of people and relationships. If there’s one thing I’d like to leave to those listening to this song, is please DO NOT get into relationships that you are not ready for and that DO NOT have communicated boundaries. The ripple effect of such relationships is calamitous.

5. What’s happening next? Do you have anything to say regarding your future collaboration or songs?

There’s a lot to come, and a lot to be excited about. Big tings coming. I’ve just dropped some new merch which you should definitely check out! I’ve got some collabs coming up with various artists, and I’m working on an album called The Inner Workings Of The Mind (which this song will feature on), that’s a collection of some of my most self-reflective thoughts, the highs and lows of my experience, and some lyrical lessons for those who just like me, are committed to self-growth and improvement. “I offer a lesson in lyrics, are you really listening?” 

There’s plenty to come and plenty to be excited about.

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