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LearningToDive - rise
LearningToDive - rise

Captivating Contrasts: Uniting Emotions in “Rise” by LearningToDive

LearningToDive is the solo endeavor of Bravo Bonez, an established producer, arranger, and performer. Bravo Bonez mixes ’80s post-punk, New Romantic, and sophisti-pop into a compelling symphony, presenting an eclectic mix of musical identities.  The debut album “Norwegian Pop” by LearningToDive was released in April 2021. You’ll have a wonderful and memorable musical trip with LearningToDive.

LearningToDive  has released a new banger, “Rise.” The song’s mood attracted me with its intriguing pull. The way the synths set the tone right away was amazing. As the dark vocals took over, leading me through the song, I was absorbed in a distinctive musical experience. But what amazed me was how the mood unexpectedly shifted and the vocals turned melodious.  He really knows how to effortlessly combine conflicting emotions.

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With an intense musical arrangement and passionate vocals, you can’t help but feel like you’re overcoming challenges every time the hook line, “Rise above it all,” kicks in. “Rise” by LearningToDive is a contemplative and thought-provoking ambiance. It makes you want to close your eyes and go on an inner journey. Lines like “Pick up the pace, run for the goal, Try to stay clear of darkened shards” hit you deeply, leaving a lasting impact. The effortless blend of post-punk, trip-hop with electronic elements is simply commendable! It makes for a journey like no other!

The slow yet powerful beats, coupled with exceptional synth work, enhanced the overall experience. The patterns of the tune contain deeper feelings, making it a treasure trove. I highly recommend you all hit the play button.

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Enjoy listening to “Rise” by LearningtoDive here.

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