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David Givens | f r e q u e n c y | Mellow
David Givens | f r e q u e n c y | Mellow

David Givens – f r e q u e n c y | Mellow

David Givens is a singer and songwriter from South Carolina with Trinidadian roots. His music is an amalgamation of his roots and influence from 21st Century Pop. You can clearly see the Trinidadian background in his singing but the production is mellow new age pop. He has a voice like Chris Brown and a style that can really stand out in today’s music world.

His latest single ‘Frequency’ is a really mellow piece that is masterfully produced. David has an amazing voice and I’m just in awe throughout the track. Every word is crystal clear and to top it off, its so pleasing to hear. The lyrics are also really interesting as he speaks about pain and loss. He speaks about having to shift his frequency and find happiness within himself. Its basically a song about recovering from a heart break by adopting a positive outlook.

“I choose happiness! I am happiness!”

The song starts off with some really nice spatial effects on a vocal sample. I really respect the fact that this sample transforms into a background. It gives continuity to the whole track and gives a storytelling element from a production point of view. The song is like a crescendo wherein the background just gets louder and louder and then dies down. A triangular phenomenon that peaks toward the 2-minute mark of the track. The percussions are pretty straightforward and are just present to give momentum to the track.

The highlight of this single would be the hook and its really well made and the lyrics are really catchy as well. Overall a really mellow and laid back track that is meant to uplift while drowning in your sorrows.

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