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Smoke Spider - The Damage Is Done
Smoke Spider - The Damage Is Done

Smoke Spider – The Damage Is Done | Rock n’ Roll

Smoke Spider is a musical duo based in Sweden. The duo consists of Göran Florström and Johan Granat who create powerful rock music. The two had worked in the mid-90s in a band called Cloud Catchers but drifted apart for 25 years after they disbanded. However, the creativity and genius continue to flow through their project, Smoke Spider.

Coming off of the release of their latest track, The Damage Is Done, Smoke Spider looks to reestablish their name in the music scene. The Damage Is Done has many creative elements that intrigue the listener. The guitar work is intricate, the drums are hard-driving and the bass is groovy as ever. However, I am most intrigued by the vocal work. The harmonies are simply sublime and they tie the whole track together. Don’t get me wrong, the instrumental stands on its own, but the vocal work really showcases the creative work.

Smoke Spider has crafted a beautiful track that sounds like some really classy material reminiscent of Metallica, Iron Maiden and KISS. I’m a huge fan of the overall product. The duo, definitely, works brilliantly together. The dynamics and harmonies could not be tighter.

I would not be surprised to see this dynamic duo performing live shows across Europe soon. They have a brilliant rapport, and moreover, their end product is absolutely phenomenal.

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