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Nolan Driscoll – Drive | A Perfect Road Trip Song 
Nolan Driscoll – Drive | A Perfect Road Trip Song 

Nolan Driscoll – Drive | A Perfect Road Trip Song 

Nolan Driscoll is an avid singer, songwriter, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer from the South Shore of Massachusetts. Nolan has been writing, recording, and performing music for about 10 years across New England. His music is a combination of punk, rock, and pop when put together creates a very unique sound. Nolan’s songwriting skill is just wonderful, his ability to fold a song and make it so fun to listen to is phenomenal. 

Nolan Driscoll plays all around New England and does at least 100 shows a year. He has released an album way back in 2017 and has released several singles and Eps over the past couple of years. This year is going to be filled with the release of his originals. 

“Drive” is the latest single by Nolan Driscoll. The track is a wonderful work of art. It features a lot of instruments and genius songwriting skills. Talking about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with a simple yet groovy beat with a floaty bassline. The song follows a classic technique, wherein more instruments adds up after every beat, creating a ‘loop’. It feels like an 80s track with the whole RnB vibe. The amazing chord progression and the powerful vocals are spectacular. A lot is going on in the song, the instruments include, Piano, vintage synths, electric guitar, trumpets, drums, bass, and so many others. Every instrument is used so appropriately and in the correct amount, which shows the incredible talent of Nolan. 

“Drive” is literally a song to listen to on a road trip, it is such a well-made song. I highly recommend you to go and listen to it once. 

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