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Colds – Sorry but I … | Disco Vibe 
Colds – Sorry but I … | Disco Vibe 

Colds – Sorry but I … | Disco Vibe 

Colds is a pseudonym of Richards who is an ardent singer, songwriter, and musician. His music can be described as electronic indie-pop and is very fond of using 80s synths. Colds can be stated as a one-man act. He is an independent artist who records, produces, and writes all of his songs from his home studio. Colds is set to release his debut EP in May. 

Sorry but I … is the latest single by Colds. The song is the perfect representation of popular music. The urge to get on the floor and dance is insane. The crazy disco vibe and the groove are remarkable. 

The song starts with the catchphrase “Sorry but I ..”. which is a classic move by Colds. The song has a lot of different technical aspects to it. Some of which are the ageless 80s synths. These synths give the song a bit of a retro feel and are used very appropriately. The funky guitar rhythm and excellent beat on the drum machine are the highlights of the song. The vocals sound sharp and clean whilst the harmonies add to the magic. 

One common factor in pop music is the repetitiveness of the catchphrase throughout the song. Colds have done the same with “Sorry but I..”, but with the brilliant technique of harmonizing the catchphrase and adding some layers into the vocals. The song is a result of the genius of Colds.

Sorry but I … is a must-listen for all pop music fans. 

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