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Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz – So Far Gone |The Power Duo
Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz – So Far Gone |The Power Duo

Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz – So Far Gone |The Power Duo 

Eric Anders is an ardent singer/songwriter from the northern part of California. While Mark O’Bitz is a fantastic guitarist and composer from southern California. Eric and Mark are two friends who are writing music together since 2003, debuting with Eric’s song, “Not At One”. They started releasing songs as a duo in 2018 a full-length “Of All These Things”. The coming years saw a huge rise in releases from the duo Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz, as they have released about 7 albums and 3 albums in 2021 itself. Their album “American Bardo” released in 2020 was listed in Popmatters ‘Top 50 Americana Albums for 2020’.

Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz have written so many songs that they have become masters of songwriting. Each song is a unique blend of acoustic, folk rock, and alternative music. They are back with yet another masterpiece called “So Far Gone”. It is an ep that consists of 6 songs and has a run time of about 26 minutes. Talking about some songs and their ingredients in detail. 

The first song I am going to talk about is named the same as the ep “So Far Gone”. The song starts with a riff on acoustic guitar that sounds a lot like Texas blues-style playing. The vocals kick off right away and they have a very vintage country-style melody that follows the chords. The chorus is where the bass and a pad enter, plus it has an awesome catchy hook that can grab the listeners attention. Soon the song starts to build with bass drum, slide guitar, and choir vocals. The song keeps the listener yearning for the drums to enter till the last moment, but they don’t and it is for the best. “So Far Gone” is a wonderful track and opening to the ep. Its blues/country style is very intriguing.

Another song from the ep is called “Dirty Sun”. The song starts with an acoustic guitar that leads to the intro. Immediately the drums enter with bass and a pulsating sound on a pad. With these, the vocals of Eric kick with a beautiful melody that sounds so simple yet elegant. The song gradually builds up to the chorus, but in the chorus, the song transforms its lowkey vibe and lifts up. With long-sustaining vocals and harmonies, it is purely mesmerizing. The song has a lot to offer that can be only experienced if you listen to it. 

Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz, the duo are doing exceptional work. Writing so many songs with each having different vibes and feelings is difficult, but they seem to do it so comfortably. “So Far Gone” is a wonderful set of songs that defines them and is highly recommended to listen to it once. 

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