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Ben Stubbs' Light Of My Life
Ben Stubbs' Light Of My Life
Ben Stubbs - Light Of My Life

UK-Based Singer-Songwriter Ben Stubbs’ Light of My Life Is an Album You Will Want to Listen to in a Loop

Songs of life, love, the world, and its various aspects are usually easy to connect. It feels as if it is a one-sided conversation where the artist speaks through the songs, and the listener is a silent participant. The latest full-length album by Ben Stubbs, Light Of My Life, gives you similar feelings as a listener. Hailing from The Isle Of Wight, the United Kingdom, Ben Stubbs is a thirty-three-year-old singer-songwriter who has been composing and writing songs for a period of about a good fifteen years and more, and his prolific talent is a worthwhile experience for listeners who love to enjoy some leisurely, soothing music every now and then.

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Music that portrays the true essence of life and love!

Light Of My Life, Ben Stubbs’ latest album, comprises ten beautifully soothing tracks and runs for about forty-three minutes and eight seconds. Every song is different from each other in terms of the music, lyrics, and overall production. Besides the individual beauty of the tracks, the sole attraction of Light Of My Life is the amount of musical variety its songs possess, and that sure does tell us a lot about how prolific a musician and songwriter Ben Stubbs is.

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While the album is solely Ben’s brainchild, there are also several exceptional musicians whose participation has helped take this album to a whole new level. So, tune in to Ben Stubbs’ latest album, Light Of My Life, to travel to a world where you can explore the perfect blend of soul-satisfying music and heartfelt lyrics. You can check out the album here:

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