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The Hybris' The Game Of Cat And Mouse
The Hybris' The Game Of Cat And Mouse
The Hybris - The Game Of Cat And Mouse

The Game of Cat and Mouse, the Latest Single of German-Based Alt-Rock Trio the Hybris, Is a War Cry Against Social Evils

The whole energy of punk and alternative rock music is so uplifting that the vibe just gets you on your toes right when you start listening to it. Such a similar vibe is what you shall experience when you tune in to the latest single by The Hybris, The Game Of Cat And Mouse. The Hybris is an out-and-out alternative punk rock trio from Germany, comprising amazingly skillful musical artists Ringo Rabbit, Beanie Bison, and Malcolm Mandrill. The members of The Hybris currently reside in different parts of the world, such as Nice, Cologne, and Los Angeles, but still manage to create such super heavy musical masterpieces together.

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The Game Of Cat And Mouse is a war cry in the form of a hard-hitting song!

The Game Of Cat And Mouse, The Hybris’ latest single, is a super track that consists of heavy bass and guitar riffs, and the drums play a significant part in holding the song together with its strong, steady rhythm section. However, one cannot simply ignore the singer’s powerful, hard-hitting voice and catchy vocal tone, which adds spice to the song. He sure does send the message through this skillful vocal range and quality and the way he sings every word of the song with so much precision that you cannot help but experience the impact of its intensity.

Besides the catchy compositional elements awaiting the listeners, the lyrical brilliance they showcase in this song deserves special mention. The lyrics have in-depth meanings about the evils of society, and the intense words and powerful music of this song portray the trio’s desire to battle against all the things that bring harm to humanity.

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So don’t wait any longer! Give a generous listen to the latest single by The Hybris, The Game Of Cat And Mouse. You can check this song out here:

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