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“Another Sad Night, Under Moonlight”: Hikaru Hidaka’s Hauntingly Unique Composition

Hikaru Hidaka, a songwriter, vocalist, and producer located in London, radiates intrigue due to a lack of information about them on the web. The outstanding musical repertoire speaks volumes, as they remain committed to artistic expression while rejecting commercial norms. Hidaka’s dedication creates an amazing platform for true musical exploration, drawing listeners with their cryptic demeanor and captivating compositions.

Hikaru Hidaka is back with a new single, “Another Sad Night, Under Moonlight.” The start of the song envelops you in a dreamlike mood. Soon, whispers in a dark voice are brought into the mix, accentuating the atmosphere. The track takes on an entirely novel dimension as the bassline eventually kicks in.

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The synth and bassline maintain a positive quality despite the overbearing whisper effects, creating an irresistible contrast. The vocals especially make the song extremely unique and have a “never heard before” quality to it.

Listening to the song is like watching a thrilling horror movie unfold. The experimental nature of the music keeps you on the edge of your seat, as the twists and turns it takes to keep you guessing. Beyond its compelling ambiance, the song has an indirect message: no matter the noises and disturbances life throws at us, we must keep moving forward, much like the unwavering melody of the synth work in “Another Sad Night, Under Moonlight.”

“Another Sad Night, Under Moonlight” by Hikaru Hidaka is an adventurous composition that combines elements of dreamy atmosphere, eerie whispers, and experimental pop, resulting in a song that is equally appealing and unique.

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Enjoy listening to “Another Sad Night, Under Moonlight” by Hikaru Hidaka here.

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