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Charlotte Hall - This Love | Soulful
Charlotte Hall - This Love | Soulful

Charlotte Hall – This Love | Soulful

Charlotte Hall is a singer and songwriter based in Chesterfield, UK. She has been trained in classical music and also has years of experience in songwriting. Her musical flairs are palpable through every song that she makes. Her ingenuity as an artist will be made clear to you once you delve into the world of her soulful tracks that bring about a keen sense of calm in everyone who listens to it. 

Charlotte recently released a song called This Love which is everything you have been looking for. When it comes to music, only a few tracks leave you inspired and reach out to that hidden corner of you that is hard to seek. And This Love does exactly that. It is a song that would quench your thirst because of its calming effects on your senses. With a folk spirit and a wholesome vibe, This Love is a song that would remind you of green fields and many such peaceful things. 

This Love is a song that begins with a smooth riff that goes on to build itself into a fine musical affair. Even though there are many elements that some would find to be outlandish or over the top, it is these very elements that make the song unique and give it a nice feel. 

With nice and exotic vocals, smooth melodies, and wholesome effects, This Love is a song that makes for a soulful treat. 

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