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Chris Caulfield – Porchlight
Chris Caulfield – Porchlight

Chris Caulfield – Porchlight | 

Chris Caulfield is an ardent singer, songwriter, and musician. Based in Toronto, Canada, Chris has been making bangers for a long time now. Blending genres like hip-hop and lo-fi with alternative rock Has really made Chris’s music so unique. 

Chris Caulfield has gained a huge following on Spotify with record-breaking streams on every song. He has released 5 singles and all of them have been a massive success. His latest single “Porchlight” is one of the hits. Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail. 

The song starts with a muted riff on a guitar with atmospheric pads and some low-cut vocals. Soon the vocals kick in softly and smoothly. The melody is beautifully written and goes with the flow so well. The drum comes in soon with a subtle but groovy beat that just catches your attention. The song slowly rises till the chorus and hits back with amazing vocals from Chris and 808 bass that has a huge impact. The track is very light and breezy which just makes you want to think about a hot summer day on the beach. The song has a lot of details that you can figure out only by listening. 

The production is top-notch with the perfect mix and instrumentation. Chris Caulfield has again proven his ability to make a hit song. It is highly recommended to listen to the song once.

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