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Jetty Grove – Static Motion |Folk
Jetty Grove – Static Motion |Folk

Jetty Grove – Static Motion |Folk

Jetty Grove is an amazing singer, songwriting, and musician. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Jetty was intrigued by music from a very early age. He is no stranger to the music scene in Baltimore and has been releasing music on Spotify since 2021. 

He has a very distinct style of music that just attracts the listeners. A blend of folk and country sounds is what drives jetty’s music. Jetty Grove has released a single and two albums, one of which is the recently released called “Static Motion”. “Static Motion” has 12 songs and a run time of about 46 minutes. Let’s talk about some of the songs from the album and their ingredients in detail. 


The first song from the album is called “Chamomile Skies”. The song starts with a soft and mellow piano and acoustic guitar intro. A drum roll with a rising electric guitar kick in the vocals with full power. The vocals are layered and panned and seem so full and loud. The song has a great melody that follows the chord progression, yet everything is simple. The song rises in chorus with uplifted vocals and drums. “Chamomile Skies” seems like a song made in the 80s with a simple approach and beautiful songwriting. Jetty has put in a lot of work and it can be seen. 

Another masterpiece from the album is called “Chain Reaction”. The song starts with a fun riff on acoustic guitar that makes the whole vibe. Soon a lead on electric guitar kicks in giving some lo-fi feel. Jetty’s vocals enter in a style with organs and percussion. The melody seems so well-structured and beautiful and it carries the song throughout. The song follows the same low-key vibe till the end with the guitar being on the loop. “Chain Reaction” is a wonderful 3 am song. 

Jetty Grove has got some amazing songs on his album “Static Motion”. The simplicity of the album is what caught my attention the most. It is highly recommended to listen to the song.

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