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U.K based artist, Gabrielle Ornate releases new single “Delirium”

Gabrielle Ornate is an amazing singer, songwriter, and musician from the United Kingdom. She is a young and very talented artist, blowing up in the music scene in the U.K. Her music is different and unique, as it is a blend of alt-rock and pop sounds with a hint of heavy metal. Gabrielle Ornate is making big in the industry with her angelic voice and unique music. 

Gabrielle Ornate has gained quite a popularity on Spotify as most of her singles have crossed over 100 thousand streams. She debuted with a single called “The March of Caterpillars” in 2021 and is back with yet another masterpiece called “Delirium”. Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail. 

The song starts with a lead on a very cool synth and some kind of guitar sound. This transitions into full fledge guitar riff with awesome drums. The guitar riff is so catchy and amazing that it instantly catches your attention. Soon the vocals kick in with a lot of power and energy. The melody is good and has a lot of pop elements in it. It is a fusion, as the music is kind of rock/heavy metal and the vocals and melody have more inclination towards pop. The chorus has so much going on with harmonies on vocals to amazing riff work on the guitar. The fuzz, the chaos, the energy, the power, the production, everything in the song is top-notch. It is a perfect modern pop/rock song that you can’t miss listening to. 

Gabrielle Ornate is a phenomenal artist making such great music with so much uniqueness. Looking forward to more music from her.

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