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The Canadian musical duo, The Prairie Joggers release their debuted ep “Going Nowhere” 

The Prairie Joggers is an amazing folk rock band hailing all the way from Winnipeg, Manitoba. The musical duo has made its own unique sound by blending sweet electric guitar and raw vocals creating that vintage folk vibes. The duo consists of Cody Goertzen on guitar and vocals and Adam Hill on drums. 

The Prairie Joggers debuted with their single “Move Along” in 2023 and have since released two other singles.  All three singles combined make their first ep called “Going Nowhere”. Let’s talk about the ep and its ingredients in detail. 

The first song from the ep is called “Move Along”. The song starts with a soft guitar intro panned a little to the right. The intro is short and sweet and definitely has chill vibes. A drum roll kicks in the vocals and the rest of the instruments. The melody is amazing and at the same time is very catchy. The song is simple as it follows a basic chord progression and simple arrangement. The song keeps with the folky and vintage vibe of The Prairie Joggers with its guitar works and the whole production. It’s a must-listen song from the ep.

Another song from the ep is called “In the Wake”. The song starts with a guitar intro again panned to the right with drums, bass, and organs entering and rising the song. Soon the vocals kick and everything drops except the guitars and drums creating some beautiful vibes. The song rises again in the chorus with drums and organs coming in full power. The melody is just mesmerizing and simple but carries so much power. 

The last song from the ep is called “Sweet Tooth”. The song again starts with a guitar and kicks on the drum. The vocals come in quickly with the kicks and have a very powerful approach. The melody is interesting and catchy and gives a lot of 60s vibe as well. The song has a lot of instrumentation with pads and organs making it fuller and richer. A guitar solo in the middle of the song makes it even more amazing. “Sweet Tooth” is a fun song that you should give listen to. 

The Prairie Joggers are masters of their work. Their music is phenomenal and very unique. It’s highly recommended to listen to their ep “Going Nowhere” 

Click here to listen to the ep:

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