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Sounds & Scenarios-Pink Lighter
Sounds & Scenarios-Pink Lighter
Sounds & Scenarios-Pink Lighter

Sounds & Scenarios create emo-rock haven with their latest single, “Pink Lighter”

Sounds & Scenarios have found the razors edge of emo rock and drowning melodies. They relook at the genre as the bridge as it is, between the melodies of rock and memorable pop hooks. As a result, you feel like you’re reliving alt-rock bands from the 90s, with a fresh style that is connected to the zeitgeist. This is their latest rock single, Pink Lighter. 

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Sounds & Scenarios give alt-rock an edge again

The track is an explosive take on an object of memory. It as an accessible corner of the human psyche, associative memory. The song flows with a pop styled opening, resonating instrumentals with the vocals cutting through. The emotion is in massive spheres of gravity, the lyrics, the arrangement making it to be as enjoyable as it is cutting. Sounds & Scenarios then give you a taste of the tempo in full. By the time you reach the chorus, you’re completely invested in the song. Rightfully so.

The chorus bonds with a lot of songs in terms of progression, yet is special to their kick-ass sound. The dual layered guitar flood is what makes this emo-rock some of the best I’ve heard this year. They’ve earned those spots in the many playlists they are featured in.

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Though they are known for Better Off Without You and Nicotine (Bury Me), they have some underrated gems. I would recommend A Sudden Burst of Color and Spare Me. Cherry Blossom Season is an EP that will be your staple favourite. So go ahead, follow them on their socials and rock out to Pink Lighter here: 

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