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Zara-Dying for Romance
Zara-Dying for Romance
Zara-Dying for Romance

Zara-Dying for Romance | In the sky with diamonds

You have heard of Zara from her fantastic single, Dream a Little Dream of Me. In case you haven’t, I’d suggest you stop reading this and hear the talent seeping through that one track. Hopefully that led you to her 2020 album, Deep Down. This is not a one hit wonder, ladies and gentlemen. Dying for Romance is a heartbeat of a song that is living proof of the same.

In a track that combines psychedelia with electronic, anything can happen. This is untrue, its usually quite predictable. This is where Zara differs in her music ideology. Creating a shroom cloud of druggish vibes as her harmonics are employed. Her intentions are quite clear, and she has a surreal sensuality in her voice-a darkness which is contradicted with hope.Dying for Romance makes Zara what she is unique in a thing to capitalise on.

From the broadway style execution of Dream a Little Dream of Me, we know that this artist is on her toes for anything new. Constantly experimenting with a new sound and style of delivery-each song has something creative to embellish the track with. With collaborations with other artists to wearing a new mask every time, Zara has her audience in her control. The magic dust doesn’t just wane away, the spell seems to get stronger.

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