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Floya-Wonders | Swirling tides of energy

Merging the sounds that they’ve learnt with those they love. Floya is a German duo extraordinaire, judging by just their debut. It is a powerful movement from the group-breaking a state of inertia with almost infinite momentum. Their first single Wonders has dropped, and you’re getting a one way ticket to Neverland.

Infusing the guitars of a prog-rock group to the intimacy and rhythmic motion of EDM, Floya create a tsunami of sound that devours. Not only have they made a very catchy chorus, but the vocals are unbelievably sharp and crisp. Hats off to the production team as well, for letting the bassist have their day too. It is a track little over four minutes, and every time there is a break before the chorus, my spirit is ready to implode.

Their influences and references may be many, but they create something with a unique signature. The stitching of contemporary music to the string sultan years is an emphatic touch, and something that purists scorn. WIth this level of craftsmanship-we are looking at the finest thread being woven into the richest tapestry. Even though they are a long shot away, I hear Intervals and bouts of Periphery in a song that is a hallmark to greatness for this group. Let the wonder never cease to exist.

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