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Mary Ann-Wake Up Call
Mary Ann-Wake Up Call
Mary Ann-Wake Up Call

Mary Ann-Wake Up Call | A powerful strain

Mary Ann is a song seamstress extraordinaire. She might have released only two songs until now, but one only has to gauge the quality to know this. Her 2022 single Toxic turned heads to the kind of voice that has a natural resurgence, a quality that you can’t just post produce. This is her latest single, Wake Up Call. 

A dark, doom sound is the primary quality of the track. Owing to this aura, Mary Ann dials her vocals down to the seductive tone of darkness. It is a powerful flow, something that is difficult, especially given the female register of sound being relatively higher. Navigating it with poise and resolve, she delivers the melody like the stick of dynamite in a wrapped up present. The instrumentals weave around it, not unlike a snake around its nest. This is a musician’s tuition  , with the kind of effects she can bring out only owing to the poetic lyrics, all else aside. Like a crypt that might spell your death, her vocals linger for moments after, as you question how a voice of this quality can have a definition that sends shivers down your spine. This is where she channels the negating chill of Wake Up Call.

In less than 4 days, she has close to 3k streams. She is one indie artist to watch out for, her compositions are as unpredictable as she is. Very evidently, she is just getting started, so you have an opportunity for a front row seat. This might be priceless later, so hold on. For now, listen to her puissant track here:

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