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Spirit of the Damned Listen to Me
Spirit of the Damned Listen to Me
Spirit of the Damned Listen to Me

With Fiery Blast of Modern Metal Brilliance Spirit of the Damned Commands “Listen to Me”

Spirit of the Damned, the UK heavy metal act, has unleashed a sonic masterpiece with their debut track, “Listen to Me“. This adrenaline-fueled anthem features a lineup of exceptional talent, including Michael Cottrell on guitars and Adair Daufembach, known for his work with Kiko Loureiro, on bass, production, mix, and master. The drumming prowess of Dirk Verbeuren from Megadeth and the commanding vocals of Swedish metal veteran Bjorn Strid add an electrifying edge to this powerhouse composition.

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Right from the meaty and juicy opening riff, adorned with the perfect dosage of effects, “Listen to Me” grips you with its sheer intensity. The rapid drumming, accentuated by double bass fury, sets the stage for an exhilarating headbanging experience. The verses showcase precisely picked riffs that intertwine seamlessly with Strid’s vocal prowess, alternating between tenor brilliance and volcanic growls.

But it’s not just about the instrumental prowess here; Spirit of the Damned delivers a message of mental and physical health, emphasizing the importance of seeking help. Accompanied by a stunning video from MVS Visual, the song’s themes are visually brought to life, adding an extra layer of depth to the experience. This modern metal anthem is rooted in thrash speed and groove, with a fiery guitar solo that takes the intensity to new heights. The production quality is impeccable, allowing every element to shine brightly and create a wall of sound that will leave you breathless.

“Listen to Me” is an electric monumental track that is “trvly” heavy. With its insane drumming, growled vocals, and energy that demands attention, Spirit of the Damned has crafted a gem that will ignite mosh pits and satisfy metalheads worldwide.

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