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hellocentral - morningstar
hellocentral - morningstar

hellocentral – morningstar | Headbanger

Denver-based alternative rock band, hellocentral have been taking the Denver music scene by storm. Their music is so energetic and emotional – terms that I haven’t used to describe for most music in recent days. They use hard-hitting, catchy pop punk choruses and blend that with dreamy indie rock elements. Hellocentral has been compared to bands like Turnover, Brand New and blink-182 – bands that I have grown up listening to with some really great memories.

Their latest release, morningstar, is the second track off of their upcoming debut album. Hellocentral describes it as a pop-punk track that’s a fun and reckless anthem for relationships that are as sweet as they are toxic. I can’t help but find myself headbanging to the track just like I did when I listened to Bowling For Soup and other pop-punk bands from the early 2000s. Morningstar is a track that has such well-driven drums, leading guitar work that gets you up on your feet, and powerful vocals that are as catchy as that time we were all playing Pokémon GO! (No?) Regardless, morningstar is definitely a track that is bringing back the alternative pop-punk scene.

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