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Dominick Raffaele-Loyalty(Acoustic)
Dominick Raffaele-Loyalty(Acoustic)
Dominick Raffaele-Loyalty(Acoustic)

Dominick Raffaele-Loyalty(Acoustic) | Powerful

Some songs sound better when unplugged. That’s why MTV monetized on the unplugged concept that gave us so many good (and some bad) acoustic renditions of fan favorites. Dominick Raffaele attempts to do the same with the acoustic ensemble of his track, Loyalty.

Drawing energy and rhythm from his powerful countertenor, Raffaele only uses a piano to really brew the essence of the song. His vibratos are incredible to hear up close, along with the balanced harmonics of backup singers adding to the production value as well as melodics. Here, his lyrics are the one in the fore, with a pained betrayal seeping through his voice- as he yearns for loyalty.

The song is a powerful reminder of what some songs can do when the symphonies are already powerful. If you haven’t heard the original, you must do so-to not only draw parallels but see the duality of the desired effect. Dominick Raffaele might be only a young artist, but has the tenacity of a Josh Groban type, plenty of range to go either way. Choosing the piano for the acoustic was a relish as well, as the guitar might have conflicted with the tone of the entire song.

Listen to Dominick Raffaele’s acoustic version of his song, Loyalty:

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