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Margaret Dahlberg-Tender Purity
Margaret Dahlberg-Tender Purity
Margaret Dahlberg-Tender Purity

Margaret Dahlberg-Tender Purity | In innocence

Margaret Dahlberg will paint you a picture with notes. Her introspective style of instrumental music is gripping, and emotive. There are rarely parcels of moments gone by when she doesn’t really imbibe the feel of the song with her compositions. Prolific and sharp, her songs continue to shape the surrounding environment. With her songs being featured on Ricky Gervais’ hit series After Life, she has got more recognition with her expressive music. This is her latest single, Tender Purity.

I don’t angle towards names for instrumental music, traditionally. I feel something in the ballpark of the emotion fits enough, and the rest is pretence. Tender Purity is exactly what you feel with Margaret Dahlberg’s composition. As the strings take the low, melancholy depth of the background, the piano takes the higher, narrative part of the song. It is a superb effort in showing such a specific emotion, with a surreal, surgical quality of accuracy.

Almost an epic, it takes a detailed look at how it would be to unfold within a moment like this. It deliberates, meditates and creates the pocket of sound you need to think and feel. With a minimal soundscape generally, it still chooses to create a brilliant flow of sound and style, with Margaret Dahlberg devoting her style to participate in this process. Close to the 3-minute mark, a gentle run splits the style into an arpeggio that breathes. Absolutely gripping and emotional.

Her album, Guided Harmonies: The Covid Series, looks at artistic perfection in isolation. A talented composer and arranger, Margaret visually and aurally crafts a world that might be her bubble. With her music getting more recognition now, it is important to see the impact her music has within the moment. Listen to the song to feel if for yourself:

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