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Sebastian Clarin - Aerial Cuts | Electronic Blues
Sebastian Clarin - Aerial Cuts | Electronic Blues

Sebastian Clarin – Aerial Cuts | Electronic Blues

Sebastian Clarin is a singer and songwriter who is known and loved for his electronic numbers that always come with a tinge of unconventionality and have an element of eccentricity that make them stand out. 

Aerial Cuts is an album that features some great numbers that come with the persistent element of melancholia and yet feels subtly euphoric. The beauty of these numbers is that you would want to delve into each one and see the treasures for yourself, no matter how complex or intricate. The first track Aries beautifully introduces the listeners to the vibe and feels of the entire album and raises your expectations because what you hear teases the sensations and puts you in a place of astonishment. 

When you listen to the songs that follow you realize that each one is unique and marvelous. Each track unfurls in a way that’s praiseworthy. Quick beats sometimes take away the magic of a song that would look much better if it unfolds its magic with gentle nudges and pushes and slower, more profound tunes. When you try to make sense of the lyrics, you realize, they are much more impactful, and listening to the songs without paying heed to the lyrics certainly takes away the magic of the tracks. 

Above Us, The Waning Moon, and High Blood Treasure are the ones that impacted me the most. With their unique energies and alluring vibe, they transpose you to a world of tranquility and happiness. The great energy in the album makes it a worthwhile listen and the reason why the song has such great energy is that every area has been given equal attention. For example, it’s not just the lyrics that will drive you crazy with their richness but also the stellar tunes and outstanding electronic notes that add to the essence in a profound manner. You would want to listen to this album while in your creative process because it will be a great way to get your creative juices flowing. With its eccentricity and unconventionality, it is an album that every artist would love to listen to!

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