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Because – Ocna | Slow Rock

Writing from the foothills of one of the most beautiful places in my country, the choice of what plays in the background while I tap away at my keyboard becomes instrumental to the kind of things that run through my mind, and when this “Because” by Ocna came on, I knew I had to write about it. Keep reading for my review!

“Because” is a slow rock number, intimately suited to the dimly lit atmospheres, with the kind of mellow, yet intense energy I am such a big fan of, when it comes to music. While I wouldn’t exactly classify this song as a post-rock song, it definitely has the inklings of one, with the drumming and the guitar work reminiscent of some Alcest I’ve been checking out recently, some Sylvaine, you get the gist. The whole of Ocna’s discography shares this sound, and as a big fan of blackgaze/post-rock/post-metal, there is a grand total of zero complaints I have about the way this song sounds.

The song starts off slow, and the vocalist in the background sounds downright angelic, with beautiful, melodic songwriting and delivery. The theme of the song fits perfectly into the aesthetic I was mentioning, and if you are a fan, I would recommend that you give this a detailed, sitting-down listen.

The production is quite beautifully presented, with the elements fitting right where they make the most sense, with the guitar work standing out as especially well-layered and melodically coherent. The vocals are tasteful, with lyrics and inflections that stick it firmly to the theme, which is a great thing.

With “Because” by Ocna, I spent my time enjoying the song, and to write about this song felt downright organic, the hallmark of good songwriting. Check out the track here!

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