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The Connecting Dots – Move On | Psychedelic Trip

A rock is a group of minerals bound together. A rock group is a small musical ensemble. Everything is linked in some way. From a higher perspective, even the tallest structure appears as a dot. Something leads to something else. And that is how The Connecting Dots came to be. Also, the core of the band consists of singer Helena Sundstrom and guitarist Johan Borg.

Their debut EP entitled “Oblivious Beat” features an atmospheric synth-pop sound. Additionally, the track exemplifies how two seemingly disparate things can come together to form something new entirely.

Inspirations range from 1970’s power pop and new wave to iconic geniuses such as Prince and David Bowie, Grace Jones, Suicide, and Blondie. And 1980’s pop idols such as Kate Bush and Eurythmics, and relatively new acts such as Lana Del Rey, Beach House, Cults, and Chromatics are all poured in a delicious martini that could not possibly be served before the 2020s.

Moreover, the Swedish Dream Pop duo returns with a new electronic track that shines with its intensity and deep lyrics. “Move On” is a frantic flurry of drum beats and ecstatic emotions.

In addition, “Move On” is an upbeat electronica-infused track with a tight drum hit and layers of synths, guitars, and bass. As usual, the vocalists take centre stage with their new wave soul, contributing an 80s/Synth Wave aesthetic to the mix.

Someone who has been following The Connecting Dots since the beginning will not be underwhelmed with “Move On.” As it is yet another example of the duo’s remarkable artistry and incredible sound.

Rumor has it that album number two is on the way – we can’t wait!

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