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Rat Bath - Rat From Hell
Rat Bath - Rat From Hell

Rat Bath – Rat From Hell | Dynamically Unique

Rat Bath is an all-queer, Spooky Country-Core quintet based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The eccentric group have just released their debut album, Rat From Hell, two years since their first single. With three singles, and now a full-length album, Rat Bath has been making big strides forward. The band consists of songwriters, Fred Kenyon (Vocals) and Cora Bequeath (Guitar and Vocals), guitarist Róisín Shields, bassist and vocalist Pheonix Lehner, and drummer-vocalist, Emmett Roehr. Rat From Hell consists of ten brilliant tracks with a total run time of just over 24 minutes.

We kick the album off on The Tale of Dead Ol’ Fred. This track is such a jam. I really enjoy the upbeat, yet hostile nature of every sound. The drums are incredibly violent that add to the heavily distorted guitar and vocals that certainly push their limits in the best way. Moreover, the track leaves you feeling provoked and stimulated in the best way possible. Similarly, Ragdoll, keeps this hostility flowing. There’s something about Rat Bath that simply warms my heart. It could be the grungy, almost metal-core guitar work or the overall hazy soundscape created as a result of consonance and dissonance. The various rhythmic changes are simply flawless. All credit to the bass and drum section for maintaining that.

Bone Eater takes things down a notch with the vocal line. While the heavy tones maintain themselves in the instrumental, the vocals seem a little more relaxed, toned down even. However, I still feel the intensity that Rat Bath bring with each song. Similarly, Coke Dealer has this avant-garde feeling. I truly appreciate how amazing each tone is. There appear to be some elements that resemble elements from grunge and metal that really drive home the songs for me. Something about the aggressive nature of Rat Bath just appeals to me and I’m sure to other fans of Rock and Metal.

At Least You’re Lonely Too slows things down a little. The intro is a lot cleaner when compared to the previous tracks. It also happens to be the most Pop-like song on the entire album. Many musicians have usually struggled with the slower sections of their albums, but these guys have nailed it! Similarly, Eat Me Alive slows things down, but maintains the band’s machismo and angst. I love that it changes, almost rhapsodically. Rat Bath have been so authentic in creating their sound that it reflects so much about this wonderful group of beautiful beings.

Spit/Swallow sounds like this stream of consciousness release of all this energy. I can’t explain how amazing this track is. This song is so dynamic in so many different ways that it represents the entire band and is like a synecdoche for the album. Additionally, Meat Poppet seems to follow a similar formula. It has so much dynamism and grandiosity.

Sweet Puppet really hits close to home. The track is so sombre, so soothing and comforting. It definitely strays away from the path of the album, while also keeping with the theme. The track also features the vocals of guest vocalist, Johanna Rose who really brings some spice to the track. This is, most definitely, my favourite track on the entire album.

The album ends on Slowdown Malacha, Malacha Slowdown. It brings the album full circle with every element playing a vital role in the entire track. I really can’t tell you how talented this group is, you are definitely going to have to listen to them to know for sure.

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