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Adam Brookes – Different Times  | Into the Sea

The inner voices inside us are truly heard in Adam Brookes‘ brilliantly penned song “Different Times,” who is also Dangermaker’s prolific frontman. Adam was born in Los Angeles and began producing and recording music professionally in San Francisco in 1999. As we listen to his most recent song, ‘Different Times,’ we can see how it reflects his personality and life experiences, which truly hits on such complex ideas. The songwriting is extremely fantastic, and it’s one of the main factors that keeps us engrossed in the song. The descriptive writing’s subtle details has a strong impact on us. The concept is incredibly self-reflective and transports one to a thoughtful state of mind. Furthermore, the vocals truly bring out the beauty of the writing. The articulations and emotions in the delivery were spot on.

The sweeps and ping pong quality of the beat give the tune an exhilarating atmosphere that is truly delightful. It definitely gives the arrangement a funkier feel. The bass, which I particularly adored in terms of tone, really keeps the song’s pulse going. We can all tap our feet to the beat of the tune. The guitars blend in beautifully with the synthetic elements, creating a unique soundscape. There is such an excellent mix of genres. Shades of funk, disco, and rock can be heard, all of which sound quite fascinating. I became completely captivated in such attractive phrases. I am certain that the music will hold the listener’s interest till the final second.

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