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One and a half dog-Shine
One and a half dog-Shine
One and a half dog-Shine

One and a half dog-Shine | Alternate

Though it was formed in 2017, Norwegian group One and a half dog don’t seem to have got a lot of attention. Which is a shocking conclusion, looking at the fact that what they make is born from the navel of rock. Their latest song is Shine, and compiles a whole lot of influences together. It makes a rendering that is both impressive and addictive to listen to. How about the band name as well?

Reminding me of the famous Alice in Chains debut album with the group name, Shine switches to an alt-rock Soundgarden feel. One thing that sticks out almost instantly is the bassline, which has been impressively juxtaposed to make it a feature. The riff itself has a Kings X/Tool vibe along with hints of Soundgarden peppered across, interesting time signatures and all. As the riffs progress, OAAHD seem to channel Justin Chancellor & Adam Jones from Tool for a riveting rhythm section.

We may not get to hear the genius of MJK in OAAHD, but there is a different flavor that seems to blend well. Shine is a result of constant experimentation and getting comfortable with the wide broadband that is rock, so classifying parts of the song don’t make sense. The song itself does all it can in its ability to make it a piece of music that transcends these brackets for recognition and rope in the power of pure rock & metal rhythms.

Listen to One and a half dog here with Shine:

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